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Often abbreviated to UV/Vis or UV-Vis. UV/Visible spectroscopy offers the maximum flexibility and is suitable for applications in the wavelength range 190 to 1100 nm. In UV/Visible spectroscopy the UV region is considered to be any wavelength less than 340 nm. Nucleic acid, purified proteins and other organic molecules are often measured in the UV region.


Often abbreviated to Vis. Visible spectrophotometers and colorimeters typically measure in the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum (340 - 750 nm), although Biochrom spectrophotometers can measure up to 1100 nm (the near infrared region). If your samples are colored this is an indication that they will absorb visible light. If you do not need to measure in the UV region (<340 nm) a visible spectrophotometer or colorimeter may be a more economical alternative.

If you are unsure then UV/Vis instruments cover the widest wavelength range.

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