OEM Opportunities

Biochrom has for many years been a manufacturer of scientific instrumentation, not only for itself but for many others too.

We have a substantial Research and Development centre comprising of chemists, physicists, electronic, mechanical and software engineers as well as a great deal of systems experience. Our technology has been incorporated in many other major name company's products, both as standalone systems and as built-in modules for applications such as in-vitro fertilisation systems and clinical analyzers to shipping industry QC to equestrian veterinary instrumentation.

If you have an application that requires colorimetric or spectroscopic analysis of one or many samples, and need either a simple or more complex analysis to provide the data you need in a simple easy to use fashion then we can provide a solution.

We also have low cost OEM modules for full diode or CCD array spectrometers, either single of dual beam that can in built to your product, as well as microplate reader /washer technologies that can also be provided in custom designed mounting systems to integrate into larger systems.