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Biochrom WPA

An established international brand, Biochrom WPA has innovative spectrophotometers and colorimeters designed to meet the varied needs of cutting-edge life science laboratories, general laboratories, science education in schools and colleges, and tropical medicine clinics.

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Biochrom WPA Biowave DNA Life Science Spectrophotometer

UV/Vis Spectrophotometer designed for molecular biology. The Biowave DNA is a powerful tool for the laboratory that requires a dedicated instrument for the determination of nucleic acid purity and concentration, protein concentrations or cell density measurements. With a compact footprint this instrument can free precious bench space.
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Biochrom WPA Lightwave II UV/Visible Spectrophotometer

Scanning UV/Visible spectrophotometer for general laboratory applications. The Biochrom WPA Lightwave II is an ideal general purpose instrument for advanced education or industrial use. Available as 3nm or 5nm bandwidth versions.
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Biowave II spectometer

Biochrom WPA Biowave II UV/Visible Spectrophotometer with Life Science Methods

UV/Visible Spectrophotometer with stored Life Science methods.The combination of the life science methods with the rapid scanning, kinetics and concentration capabilities of the Biowave II make it a very useful addition to any molecular biology laboratory. Available as 3nm or 5nm bandwidth versions.
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Biochrom WPA S1200+ Visible Spectrophotometer

Visible spectrophotometer with graphical display and wavelength scanning. The Biochrom WPA S1200 is ideal for use in educational, quality control, biotech or industrial laboratories.
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Biochrom WPA S800+ Visible Spectrophotometer

Compact and robust visible spectrophotometer for simple, routine measurements and the ideal instrument for students exploring spectrophotometry in science education.
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CO 8000 cell density meter for cell culture

Biochrom WPA CO8000 Cell density meter

Completely portable, hand-held instrument has a rechargeable battery so it can be used where cells are grown. Ideal for bacteriology, yeast culture and tissue culture laboratories.
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Biochrom WPA CO7500 Colorimeter

Simple, inexpensive colorimeter that is very easy to use especially for students in science education.
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CO7000 medical biochemical colorimeter

Biochrom WPA CO7000 Medical Colorimeter

Simple, inexpensive colorimeter for tropical and field use. Ideal for making basic biochemical measurements in small medical clinics and laboratories.
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Bluetooth accessory

Accessories for Biochrom WPA

Optional accessories for use with Biochrom WPA spectrophotometers and colorimeters

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Cuvette for WPA spectrophotometers

Cuvettes and Cells for Biochrom WPA

Cuvettes and cells for use with Biochrom WPA spectrophotometers and colorimeters.

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