Biochrom Libra Accessories

Accessories for Biochrom Libra S21 and S22 spectrophotometers

Cell changers
80-2106-01 4 position cell changer, 10 - 50 mm pathlength.
80-2109-70 8 position water heated cell changer, 10mm pathlength (requires circulation bath).
80-2106-04 6 position peltier heated cell changer, 10mm pathlength (requires temperature control unit).
80-2112-49 Temperature control unit.
80-2108-01 Spare 8 position cell changer, 10mm pathlength.

Single cell holders
80-2106-05 Cell holder, up to 10mm pathlength.
80-2108-10 Cell holder for use with magnetic flea, 10mm pathlength (requires magnetic stirrer and control).
80-2106-07 Cell holder, 10-50mm pathlength.
80-2107-14 Cell holder, 100mm pathlength.
80-2106-08 Water heated cell holder, 10-40mm pathlength (requires circulation bath).
80-2106-10 Cylindrical cell holder, cells of 22mm diameter and up to 100 mm pathlength.
80-2106-12 Electrically heated cell holder (25, 30, 37°C), 10mm pathlength.
80-2106-13 Peltier heated cell holder (20 - 50°C), 10mm pathlength.

80-2112-25 Sipper, complete with UV quartz flowcell and all tubing (requires single cell holder 80-2106-05 or 80-2106-13).
80-2080-74 Spare marprene pump head tubes (6) for sipper.
80-2106-99 Viton pump head tubes (5) for sipper.
80-2055-13 Spare PTFE flowcell tubing with connectors.

80-7100-30 Resolution Lite PC Software                                                                                                                                                           80-7100-31 Resolution PC Software                                                                                                                                                                      80-7100-32 Resolution Life Sciences PC Software 80-7100-33 Resolution CFR PC Software
80-2105-97 Serial interface cable.

Consumables and other items
80-2108-80 Seiko DPU-414 thermal printer. (Power supply sold separately)
80-2119-80 United Kingdom Power Supply for Seiko DPU-414 Printer
80-2119-81 United States Power Supply for Seiko DPU-414 Printer
80-2119-82 Europe Power Supply for Seiko DPU-414 Printer
80-2119-83 China Power Supply for Seiko DPU-414 Printer
80-2119-84 Korea Power Supply for Seiko DPU-414 Printer
80-2119-85 Australia Power Supply for Seiko DPU-414 Printer
80-2009-80 Printer paper for thermal printer, 5 rolls.
80-2112-18 Printer stand for Seiko DPU-414 thermal printer (S22 only)
80-2106-19 Spare dust cover.
80-5000-19 IQ/OQ documentation.

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