Instruments help students to understand colorimetry and spectrophotometry

To help students gain an understanding into the principles of colorimetry and spectrophotometry, Biochrom has developed its WPA Education range of colorimeters and spectrophotometers.

The CO7500 colorimeter is ideal for teaching students about colorimetry and features a clear LCD display with simple push-button controls. The educational instrument, which is available in mains and mains/battery configurations, is robust and capable of withstanding the rigours of the classroom environment. The CO7500 is equipped with eight filters that combine to span the visible spectrum, these filters are contained inside the instrument's filter wheel to help minimise the risk of damage or loss.

The colorimeter is capable of taking measurements in Absorbance or % Transmission modes. To support reaction rate studies, the instrument features a kinetics mode that enables the reading to be automatically refreshed every second. The CO7500's readings may be output to an analogue chart recorder, data logging system or downloaded via the serial interface to a PC.

For spectrophotometry studies, Biochrom's lightweight and compact WPA S800 spectrophotometer is ideal for teaching at a more advanced level. The instrument's monochromator spans the entire visible spectrum at a 1nm data interval and the diode array optical system means there are no moving parts.

Readings are clearly displayed on the large LCD panel, and for those wanting a data handling capability, the S800 comes complete with Grafico utility software and interface cable for downloading data to a PC.

When connected to a PC the S800 can display a wavelength scan from 330 to 800nm. The S800's user manual includes a number of experiments for students to try.

Biochrom also offers the S1200 spectrophotometer, which is an enhanced instrument featuring a graphical display allowing wavelength scans to be viewed and the capacity to store user-programmed methods.

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