A flexible and future proof UV-Vis spectrophotometer

Biochrome 0028-9- reduced

The Biochrom Libra S80, Biochrom's new double beam spectrophotometer is ideal for customers looking for the flexibility and future proofing that a variable bandwidth optical system offers.

Featuring double beam optical design and variable bandwidth (0.5 nm, 1 nm, 2 nm, 4 nm), Biochrom's new "top of the range instrument" is fully EP (European Pharmacopoeia) compliant and is the ideal choice for both research and method development laboratories. Customers have the choice of local control via colour touchscreen or PC operation. A wide range of options including sample accessories, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant PC software and IQ/OQ documentation are available enabling the system to be customized for the user's application.

For many routine applications, the stand-alone Biochrom Libra S80 is the ideal choice. A compact system, featuring built in colour touch screen and simple menu software in multiple languages with intuitive icons that are easy to learn and use. A full suite of on board applications software for standard UV-Visible applications - includes Equation Editor allowing calculation of final results from measured data. The stand-alone instrument includes USB ports for data/method storage and connection to PC and optional built in printer or Bluetooth® connectivity.

For those who prefer to work with PC control, the Biochrom Libra S80PC includes the company's all-new Resolution control and data handling software running in the latest Windows® environments. An optional module provides full 21 CFR Part11 compliance.

In either configuration, the system is ideal for the demanding laboratory where performance, flexibility and ease of use are the major requirements. Users can quickly and easily set up a sample, select the appropriate measurement protocols and collect the results.