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How can I clean my Biochrom Anthos Fluido 2?


Due to the solutions that are typically used with the washer (buffers), precipitates can build up in the pins and the main reservoir which impacts the performance of the instrument.  There are are two pins and a wire brush that can be used for cleaning in the manifold. The needles can be inserted into the pins to remove any precipitated salts or other solids. If the manifold is still clogged, remove the screw at the side of the manifold and use the wire brush to clean inside the reservoir. Rinse the manifold well with ddH2O after cleaning before reinserting on to the manifold sensor bar. Next use the Prime/Rinse function in the main menu and rinse at lease 200 mL of ddH2O throught the tubing and manifold. Daily ddH2O rinses will keep the washer performing well.


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