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When I try to operate my Biochrom Asys Atlantis Microplate Washer; I get a warning that states "liquid empty" although my wash and rinse bottles are full. How can I fix this problem?


The Biochrom Asys Atlantis microplate washer has two features that can be configured in the setup menu to monitor the liquid levels of the wash, rinse and waste bottles. In the setup menu, liquid warnings can be turned on which prompt the user to visually inspect the liquid levels of the waste, rinse and wash bottles before running a procedure. The setup menu also has a feature called liquid detector which is where an electronic detector is used with the waste, rinse and wash bottles to indicate the liquid levels of the bottles. If this feature is turned on in Setup but the detectors are not in use, the washer assumes that there is too much liquid in the waste bottle or too little liquid in the rinse and wash bottles and will not operate. To solve this problem, go into Setup>Waste Full Det: Off, Liquid Empty Det: Off, Rinse 1 Det: Off.

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