AAA User Training Courses

Course Details

Biochrom 0101a

Biochrom is pleased to offer User Training for its Amino Acid Analyzer customers. Each 3 days session is ideal for new and intermediate users who would like to develop their proficiency on the Biochrom Bio30+ unit and learn how to master all aspects of amino acid analysis.

Course Content

  • Theoretical introduction to amino acid analysis.
  • Daily operating and maintenance procedures.
  • Simple trouble-shooting and fault-finding.
  • Chemical systems and sample preparation
  • Training on the control software and data handling software.

Please note that this course assumes that trainees have basic knowledge of Microsoft Windows® operating system. If this is not the case then the customer should attend a Windows training course before coming to Biochrom.

To Register for AAA Training please contact Technical Support.

The 2019 European dates are:

  • March 12th to 14th 
  • June 11th to 13th
  • November 12th to 14th

2019 US date:

  • May 21st to 23rd

Course Venues:

Biochrom Ltd, Cambridge, United Kingdom.
Biochrom US, Holliston, Massachusetts, United States

For more information about the AAA Training course, please download the AAA Training Information or contact our Technical Support team for further information.


Course Feedback

“Dear friends, I am very grateful for your hospitality and kindness during the recent training course I attended at your company, Biochrom. It really makes me feel surrounded by knowledgeable and dedicated people, like all of you, who care about what you do and love your customers like your own friends. I hope this is the beginning of our friendship and I wish you all the best. Please share my thanks with all of your wonderful colleagues.”

“The course was quite relaxed which meant that there was plenty of time to ask questions. It was tailored to everyone's particular requirements with allowances being made if people had different control or data analysis software for example. Thank you very much!”

“Some very helpful advice given. A lot of information supplied to take away. Seeing the manufacturing side and the QC lab was interesting. Overall, a good course, very helpful staff and I am glad I decided to come”

“It covered everything that I needed”