Declaration of Conformity

Declaration of conformity for Biochrom Amino Acid Analyzers, Colorimeters and Spectrophotometers

This is to certify that Biochrom manufactured amino acid analyzers, colorimeters and spectrophotometers conform to the requirements of the following Directives where applicable-:

73/23/EEC & 89/336/EEC

Standards to which conformity is declared, where relevant, are as follows

EN 61010-1: 2001 Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use.

EN 61326-2.3: 1998 Electromagnetic compatibility - generic emission standard Electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use.

EN 61000-4-6: 1992 Electromagnetic compatibility - generic immunity standard part 1. Residential, commercial and light industry.

EU Directive 98/79/EC In Vitro Diagnostic Devices Directive

BS EN 591:2001 Instruction for use for in vitro diagnostic instruments for professional use.

BS EN 13612:2002 Performance evaluation of in vitro diagnostic medical devices