AAA Optimization Tips

In this section, you will find the optimisation guides to help you improving the separation of common amino acids on each systems.

You will also find a new range of documents, called optimisation notes. These are designed to help users to separate unusual compounds on your Biochrom amino acid analyzer. The list of optimisation notes will grow regularly so please watch this page for new tips that will help you achieving optimum separation on your Biochrom system.

If you have any further questions about optimisation, please do not hesistate to contact

Physiological Fluid Optimisation (26 KB)

Protein hydrolysate optimisation (23 KB)

Oxidised Hydrolysate Optimisation (22 KB)

Optimisation 2 - Separation of Argininosuccinic Acid (158 KB)

Optimisation 1 - Separation of Alloisoleucine (282 KB)