AAA Application Notes

Biochrom has scientists dedicated to providing application support. Below are a number of Biochrom 30 Application Notes. If you have a specific application that you would like us to work on or need help with an existing application, please contact

Clinical - B30.2 Rapid Analysis for the diagnosis of PKU (43 KB)

Clinical - B30.4 Rapid analysis of sulphocysteine (41 KB)

Clinical - B30.5 Rapid Analysis of Homocysteine Levels (42 KB)

Clinical Research - B30.9 CBS Overexpression can lower Homocysteine in Mammals (41 KB)

Clinical - B30.16 Dried Blood Spot Analysis (103 KB)

Clinical - B30.17 Rapid Analysis of 5-Aminolevulinic Acid (105 KB)

Clinical - B30.3 Rapid analysis for the diagnosis of MSUD (65 KB)

Clinical - AN90 - Accelerated Analysis of Amino Acids in Physiological Samples (180 KB)

Food and Feedstuff - B30.1 Improved Analysis of Feedstuffs (54 KB)

Food and Feedstuff - B30.7 Why Does My Cat Need Taurine? (39 KB)

Food and Feedstuff - B30.10 Rapid Analysis of Lysine for Feedstuff Applications (140 KB)

Food and Feedstuff - B30.11 The Importance of Amino Acids in Fish Farming (75 KB)

Food and Feedstuff - B30.14 Sodium Accelerated Buffer System (219 KB)

Food/Research - B30.13 Polyamine Analysis using the Biochrom 30 Amino Acid Analyser (156 KB)

Food and Feedstuff - B30.19 Analysis of Theanine in Green Tea (50 KB)

Research - B30.6 Using Amino Acid Analysis for Protein Identification (43 KB)

Research - B30.8 Tsc1+ and Tsc2+ regulate arginine update in S. pombe (184 KB)

Pharmaceutical - B30.12 Using the Biochrom 30 for the Quality Control of Infusion Solutions (303 KB)

OPT 1 - Separation of Alloisoleucine (22 KB)

General - B30.15 Sample Preparation. Filtering Samples Prior to Analysis (34 KB)

Using the Bio30 for the ERNDIM Scheme (325 KB)

Biochrom Asys Expert 96 Microplate Reader Data Sheet (224 KB)

Biochrom Asys Expert Plus Microplate Reader Data Sheet (258 KB)

Optimisation 2 - Separation of Argininosuccinic Acid (158 KB)

Optimisation 1 - Separation of Alloisoleucine (282 KB)